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Scent Reducing Copper Clothing

Kills 99% of Bacteria: Hunt Smarter, Not Harder

Basically it comes down to this: 

  1. Our clothing kills 99% of the bacteria that makes you smell.
  2. Animals will not be able to smell you. Hunt smarter, not harder.

Scent Control

Copperhead’s Scenturion Scent Control Technology utilizes a unique and proprietary copper fiber process that  permanently binds copper to the fiber matrix of polyester, nylon or re-cycled polyester fibers. These copper fibers are designed to provide natural anti-odor, hygienic protection and enhance the appearance of skin texture against micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi for the wearer.

Incredibly Effective

Copper metal is shown to be more effective than silver at any temperature. A recent study completed at the University of South Carolina states that silver was only effective with its antimicrobial abilities at temperatures above 93 degrees and humidity above 90%.  Copper however, was shown to maintain its antimicrobial efficacy at normal temperatures typical of everyday indoor and outdoor environments.